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Welcome Home, Baby

Oh, my gracious! Do you see all that hair? This baby! Let me tell you about this baby that was just born. She’s the newest resident at Saving Hope Charities. All signs pointed to a possible heart issue that would require surgery, but not this baby girl! She’s healthy, and surgery is not required…and we know God is at work in her little life already. Even before she was born, He was preparing a place for her to start her new life on a safe, secure path.

Her sweet momma came to us a couple of months ago, looking for a place to rebuild her life. We just happen to be in that business at Saving Hope Charities. Having and caring for a newborn when life has you in survival-mode is exceptionally hard; I’m thankful this momma won’t have to experience this type of struggle now. Here at Saving Hope she has a home, a support system, a schedule full of curriculum to help her gain the tools she will need to build a new life for her and this sweet bundle of joy!

I think what has done my heart the very most good, like a medicine, was watching a program board member decide this momma was her God-call. I believe we are all called to people, to love people, and support people, but sometimes it’s individual. Cindy personally knew the concern of a daughter being born with a heart condition, and was immediately at the ready to see that this momma got the medical attention she and baby girl needed prenatally, and during delivery. There were many trips to Louisville to the doctor, learning about gestational diabetes, and how to care for those daily needs. It was a big commitment, but embraced by this board member with a passion.

We are all rejoicing at this new little life, and the new family they both have because of this charity.

Saving Hope Charities is about helping women who are without a home have a home, build a life through curriculum, case planning, and faith building…all while enjoying the support of living with other women determined to see their outcome be nothing short of successful!

(Saving Hope Charities is not a drug rehabilitation center, a battered women’s shelter, or temporary homeless shelter. We work with women w/children who are in need of a home, and are making a one year or longer commitment to our mentoring program to help them build a new life.)

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