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Staying Together

And then there were 10 little toes and 10 little fingers more at Saving Hope Charities…we had our first baby delivered by one of our moms. And we just couldn’t be more in love with her.

Her momma came to us in the midst of not having her own place to call home, unemployed, and searching for a way to complete her case plan to be reunited with her two children in foster care; and a third baby that was going to be placed in foster care upon delivery.

Only eight weeks from her due date, she was referred to us by her CASA worker. She quickly acclimated to the house setting, and the program itself. By choosing Saving Hope Charities as her living opportunity for the next year, this young mother has secured a job at a local industry within walking distance, been promoted, had the awesome opportunity to work overtime and work during shut down to secure much needed funding for herself, and she’s increased her friend base…but inside the home she has found a new support system for herself.

She’s only been here for less than eight weeks but she’s already been allowed to move her visitation with her children to Saving Hope Charities, which allows her two children to begin acclimating to the atmosphere they hopefully will be living in soon, and she’s been able to bring home these sweet feet you see in this photo. This child gets to stay with momma as long as she’s here, continuing the year-long process of rebuilding her life and starting new, through Saving Hope Charities.

I cannot say it enough: when food and shelter are a moving target each day, women cannot get motivated to see their future career status, or how to complete case plans to restore their children to their custody. We must start with a home, then work alongside to help them achieve in these other areas of their lives.

If you know of a woman who is pregnant or has small children, who is in a place of homelessness, or dire poverty, and cannot seem to find her way in life, please refer her to Saving Hope Charities, we would love the opportunity to show her how we may be able to help change her life.

Saving Hope Charities is not a drug rehab, temporary homeless shelter, or battered women’s shelter. We are a one-year living opportunity to help train women to take control of their lives and be restored with their children.

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