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Our First Restoration

The first time I walked into the courtroom with her we were both afraid that her hopes of having custody of her daughter again was something not within our reach. I had just sat between her and her caseworker, who explained he was recommending her visits remain supervised and every other week. I could feel the heat radiating from her skin as she gripped her hands tightly together and gritted her teeth. It’s not what a mother wants to hear when you are hoping to hear words of restoration, day-long visits, or at the very least weekly visits.

Walking out of that courtroom this week reminded me why the founders, volunteers, and employees of Saving Hope Charities have worked tirelessly to create this program. In less than five months, her desperation turned into restoration as we sat in the courtroom this time and heard the judge recommend the child be restored to her mother’s custody. This time I watched her shake her caseworker's hand and hear his encouraging words to "stay the course."

What changed in five months? This women’s focus, determination, hard work, ability to work her case plan, the structure and stability she has now because of Saving Hope Charities, and sisterhood of support she found when she moved into the facility. A sisterhood that doesn’t let her give up when life knocks her down, a new job that has her career minded instead of a job she doesn’t enjoy, and curriculum that empowers her.

This restoration has kindled the flame inside of me to continue to encourage, motivate, and educate these women to become everything God has created them to be. Working this year-long program equips women to achieve in every area of their lives, and to pass that along to their children. We spend hours working through curriculum that deals with financial literacy, parenting, self-worth, and spiritual healing. We work with outside organizations who offer classes in cooking & nutrition, household maintenance, and just everyday knowledge that puts as many tools in our tool belts of life we can fit. We make advances in their career goals, moving them past entry level jobs that will never make ends meet. But most of all, I have become more passionate than ever about this program as I watch these women come through the adversity life has thrown them, and create community and family with each other.

I am so excited to see this first, of many victories, come to fruition for us. If you have not visited our facility, or you would like more information about how our program works, or how to become a monthly partner to help us continue to restore families, and equip mothers, please contact Misty Thomas (270) 971-1460. You can also make a donation from our website

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