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Walking with Hope

As February fades away and March is upon us, it’s been an exciting month for Saving Hope Charities, as we officially opened our doors and invited our first families in.

I’m thrilled to say we have seen several accomplishments already with our moms, who are going above and beyond to take full advantage of the services we have offered them.

We have seen medical needs being met, preventative care appointments made with various medical providers, eyeglasses ordered, the GED process started

for one of our moms, full time positions secured, bank accounts opened, budgets written out, bad debts cleaned-up, driver’s license restored, taxes filed, nutrition & exercise plans being laid out, and even visitation with children starting. It’s awesome to hear the voices of the children echoing in the building when they visit.

I have been so encouraged to see our moms walking in the rain to get to the local temporary job agency to secure work, or a mom sliding down the hallway, in her sock feet, with shouts of victory because she was presented a job opportunity she was hoping for. Observing them as they watch videos of their most recent visits with their toddlers, and sharing with us all. Walking together to church, and small group, and then noticing they are reading Joyce Meyer’s ‘Battlefield of the Mind’ without being prompted to do so. These are the moments I didn’t know I was waiting for…but I cannot express how happy I am to know I’ve been given the opportunity to share with these women; women who are becoming friends and helping each other.

These women make me proud to watch them navigate life, and absorb as much as they can each day, knowing that there is HOPE…no matter the past, they have hope today because of Saving Hope Charities.

Thank you to all of those who have financially sown into this ministry. We appreciate you!

(Photo above: GED homework being processed as one of our guests is working towards the completion of her GED)

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