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Just Down the Road

It’s been such a pleasure working with the community partners as we continue to setup the strategy to best serve our families who will move into Saving Hope Charities, hopefully at the beginning of the year.

Wednesday morning, Sharon and I met with Grayson County Extension Agents: Robin Felix and Natalie Taul. We are overwhelmed at the wealth of resources this agency will provide to our families. We, as a county, have underutilized the programs offered to us by the extension office. I am convinced that God has setup the close proximity of our campuses for reason; and Communicare just down the road from us. (Photo: L-R Natalie Taul, Robin Felix, Sharon Puckett)

Our families will have the privilege of working alongside Robin Felix, as she is the nutrition education coordinator. During a seven-week series, Robin will teach our moms: food safety, healthy low-costs meals, knife skills, good breakfast habits, and improving the use of our food dollars. Robin will also offer “Kids in the Kitchen” coming 2017. We are excited to participate in these classes ourselves!

Natalie Taul, Family & consumer Science Agent, will offer many beneficial programs for our families that will include: budgeting, banking, encouraging physical activity, health & wellness, cancer awareness, Literacy, child care, depression awareness, weight wise, home economics, disaster preparedness, and so much more. (Photo: L-R Robin Felix, Misty Thomas, Natalie Taul)

Kindra Ewing Jones, 4-H Youth Development, is excited to have the opportunity to involve the children at the center with 4-H. Kindra says she teaches a variety of skills for the children including public speaking, money skills, photography, art and cooking. We are excited our kids will have such a close opportunity for them to participate. (Photo: L-R Kindra Jones & Misty Thomas)

And lastly, our families will have the chance to work with Whitney Carmen, Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent, on container gardening projects.

We cannot express how excited we are to watch our families flourish as they have the opportunity to learn with these fabulous agents! (Photo: Whitney Carmen)

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