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What is Saving Hope Charities

In 2015 the Country Side Inn, on Commerce Drive in Leitchfield, KY, was closed, following years of abuse of the property for criminal activity. From 2012 to 2015 over 150 police calls were made concerning this property, according to Grayson County Central Dispatch.

After the motel was closed and was offered for sale, Cindy Huff, was driving past the Country Side Inn when she looked over and saw something more than the ruins of yesterdays criminal hot spot; she saw a vision of a beautiful facility where the lives of women and children would be restored and reinvented.

Work began to set this vision into motion and after months of paperwork and prayer Saving Hope Charities officially became a non-profit 501(c)(3), non-denominational, Christ-centered living facility for women with children, or expecting mothers.

Our goal at Saving Hope Charities is to reunite mothers with their children, who have been placed in foster care, and the only thing separating their reunion is a place to live, or women who find themselves caught in the cycle of the system and she needs a time-out in life to regroup & retrain so she can finally live independently off of the system. Maybe a woman who is homeless and wants to learn how to rebuild and recreate her situation. We are not sure why she may enter the doors of Saving Hope Charities but we know we are called to work with women who are caught in a place of struggle, and feeling like she is failing; we want to equip and empower her to take-on life, because we know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Let me tell you what Saving Hope Charities is not, because Saving Hope is one-of-a-kind; at least we've not found anything else out there quite like it. We are not a rescue shelter, a rehab center, or a battered women's shelter. We hope to have information available to women who are in need of those places, but think of us as the next step past those facilities. We want to catch the women who are coming out of these places whose only option is to go back into the past situation which caused the damage in her life; we want to catch her and give her a place to retrain for life.

Saving Hope Charities will offer a six month to one year program. In that time we want to meet each woman right where she is in life and help her build a foundation in Christ, using Biblical principles to launch from. We have created a curriculum that will teach a wide array of things such as: parenting & relationship skills, cooking, banking, help her obtain her GED and college enrollment if she desires, we hope to connect these women and their children with the many classes offered by the Grayson County Extension Office (conveniently located close to our campus), and the GC Women's Ministry. We hope to have their children involved with 4-H, and other local clubs & sports. We want to help them learn the basics of life that can become the building blocks to a better future, such as: building a credit score, understanding home maintenance, child discipline methods, mental wellness skills. We want to help her procure employment that she finds rewarding for her and her family, move them past the programs, and launch them into self-sustainability.

We want them involved in a local church of their choice. Our prayer is that by the end of their stay at Saving Hope Charities, these women & children will have a new church family who will be dedicated to coming along side them and watching the progression of their new life as they leave the center and launch back into this world empowered to overcome the storms of life.

This...We believe this is a direct answer to the many prayers that have been prayed over Grayson County for years. We have the opportunity to change lives, change our community, change the generations to come.

I haven't even told you the best part. Not only did God send the vision, but he has sent extravagant givers who have paid for this entire campus and the rehabilitation that has taken place so far. There's many more pieces to this story and I will continue to share those as blog entries.

You would think a center like this would be sitting in a larger city, changing the communities elsewhere, but it's not; the first of it's kind, that we can find, is starting right here in Grayson County, and we believe it is to be a model for every city and county across this state, and maybe this nation. A life-training shelter for women and children...changing their way of life...building up a strong foundation for generations to come.

That's Saving Hope.

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